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AAAfx Zulutrade Forex broker Review

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The information which appears on this site is subject to change at any time. Any user of the website acting on the information provided xcritical on this website does so entirely at their own risk. Past performance of any financial product is no guarantee of future results.

How do I become a zulutrade signal provider?

Anyone can become a signal provider just by opening a demo account, so this explains why the choice of traders you can follow is massive. You can find almost any type of trading strategy across the various forex currency pairs that are available.

As mentioned below, at the outset we decided to follow five traders who had strong, consistent records. It’s good to see all of the traders we are following either in profit now or only very slightly down. In particular Gervaise has come back from $130 down to $108 up. To get set up you have to connect your xcritical account to Zulu Trade, fill out an application form, deposit funds and then you are good to go. There are no open positions at the moment and in fact there have only been four trades this month so this trader is a very careful one. The moderate settings we used seemed reasonable and we feel did not expose us to undue risk.

Copy trade with ZuluTrade

There are only 110 pips down, which isn’t too bad at all, really. And it just means that they’re not holding trades open for long periods of time or it suggests that to me, anyway. You can see further down the trading history… So again, you can get a feel for the fact that they aren’t actually closing lost positions, which I don’t mind, I don’t mind that at all. Because as long as they’re getting more pips in, more positive pips than negative pips, then your account balance is going to go up.

Automator – 2016 saw the introduction of ‘The Automator’. This notifies you by email or automatically executes actions when events occur. For example, if profit and loss from Trader X is more than $1,500, then lock current profit. Clients must keep a balance of at least $100 in their ZuluTrade account in order to stay connected to the platform. 2015 brought with it a success as the platform was awarded an EU Portfolio Management License from the European Union.

ZuluTrade In a Nutshell

It’s been a nice turnaround for the traders we are following on social trading platform Zulu Trade, with a profit of $276 made since our last update. In this case, the followers are other traders who copy the strategies or carried out by signal providers. Followers can also copy strategies created by other followers. The « Strategy description » tab is written by the signal provider, who explains his or her strategy.

  • And that’s not to say that they are all professional traders by any means, I consider myself very much an amateur part-time.
  • Both new and existing traders can participate in these contests by paying a small fee to enter.
  • ZuluTrade filters every trader with the utmost care, using advanced algorithms and a dedicated Trading Desk, so the investor can have the maximum potential profit.
  • As such, brokers do not require additional regulation themselves to offer the platform to their clients.
  • It’s been somewhat of a tough time for the trader we are following on Zulu Trade lately, with a loss of $52made since our last update.

The resulted in the company becoming both legitimate and respected in the trading world. Enter your personal details, country, and phone number for each broker that you want to create an account with. One thing we can say for sure is that there is no one best Zulutrade broker.

How To Become A Signal Provider On ZuluTrade

And as I say, for me, it’s far better if a trade hasn’t worked, and even if it’s quite a big loss like this one here, 278 pip down. You better just to come out of that trade and keep on moving forwards. You can sort it by winning last year, and then you can sort it by these metrics as well. So currently it’s sorted by live investor’s profit, so that’s not a bad way to look at it. How much profit are these people making in the last year?

  • It’s a platform for managing your broker accounts and using them to make copy trades from other users.
  • Unfortunately our demo account with Zulu Trade expired, as it seems they only let you have a demo account for a short period.
  • Not only does it explain how to trade, but you can use the educational resources to learn more about the state of the market and how individual assets are performing before you trade.
  • It is possible to register with a demo account or a real account from a partner forex broker.

Every broker which is a partner of Zulutrade and which you can connect to your account is very well-regulated within their respective jurisdictions. To this end, Zulutrade only allows regulated brokers to connect with their services. Once you are set up as a signal provider with ZuluTrade you will will be compensated depending on the volumes traded through the Classic account. With that being said, FxView is the best broker choice to use here since it is owned by the same group of companies.

Effortless Copy Trading

A look at the education section at Zulutrade and you can find many things to keep yourself occupied and learning more about trading and the industry. This range of transparent information both makes the broker easy to use, and trustworthy for the many followers who use their service. This includes the ability to view the profile of other traders, and comment as well as read the comments of others on the trader.

zulu trade review

Not only for a specific month, or for specific trading positions, but absolutely all the funds that I have collected on this account since the moment it joined ZuluTrade. Having said that, the drawdown has been quite high by the looks of it in the past as well. So you can start to build the profile for the trader using all this xcritical information, and look at the metrics that you like to look at. Just because the ROI, It’s quite an important thing for me to point out. Because if we look at this next trader here, it’s got over a million dollars following and decent investor profit, as well. Quite a high number of investors, so that all looks pretty good.

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